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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Kane and...unable.

So that was it?

Sadly after all the "hype" as I predicted Taker and Kane returned after a week off TV and demolished the entire Wyatt Family. So why would anyone want to watch any further match involving The Brothers of Destruction and the Wyatts? The two old guys took out all four Wyatt family members with ease and without support.
What is left in this story?
What has it changed?
Harper/Rowan - now 6ft plus jobbers.
Strowman - enforcer vibe gone.
Bray - once again neutered as a top level heel.
Taker & Kane - receive a totally unnecessary and counter-productive push.
Storyline - "hello? plot, plot?...are you there?"

Totally happy to be proven wrong with a great twist but will not hold my breath

Reminds me of two previous situations.

1) Remember when Shane O' Mac was criticised for taking out all of Legacy? I'd imagine such scorn will be spared Mark and Glenn.
2) Remember the other time Taker & Kane jobbed out two promising talents for pointless egotistical reasons? These weren't promising heels in the making either. They were DDP and Kanyon, proven, seasoned and complete wrestlers destroyed in one match during the Invasion angle in 2001.

Oh well at least Owens and The New Day rocked Manchester. The past ain't what it used to be.

Until next ease.

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