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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Give it time to breathe.

One thing which bothers me is not allowing storylines to properly develop.

The current angle in WWE with Bray Wyatt "harvesting" the souls of Taker and Kane is good. The segment on RAW was especially strong. This would be an ideal opportunity to push Bray as a top tier heel for the next couple of years and properly build the tension of this story.

Trouble is it won't be allowed to develop and the impact will be diminished. Even if the return of Taker and Kane could be held back until the Rumble with a slow build it would get a huge response and really draw people in.

This isn't going to happen is it?

Chances are they return at Survivor Series, at the latest, and all of the building of Bray/Wyatt's will be lost again - think back to the bizarre booking of Bryan joining the Wyatt's for about 3 days.

You have to allow these stories to develop.

Most exciting moment on RAW for me? Owens telling Seth he "owed him one". I sincerely hope this will be followed through at, at Mania next year?, Owens costs Seth big time leading to a dream feud. But does WWE have the courage/memory to do this? I suspect not sadly.

Want to see how an overarching story arc can really work? Look at the flawless booking of
Pentagon Jr vs Vampiro in Lucha Underground from earlier this year. That was a 5 month story in the making with a tremendous payoff. A throwback to intelligently written and well paced stories at their finest.

And lets all rejoice in a 2nd season of Lucha Underground being confirmed.

Cero Miedo!

Until next ease.

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