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Friday, 6 November 2015

Between a Rock and...what exactly?

You can understand why WWE are on the lookout for the next megastar on the scale of The Rock. I was, and am, a huge fan of The Rock and especially enjoyed his "Hollywood" heel run. I don't need to remind you that back in the day there was a huge pool of top talent - Austin, Rock, Angle, Taker, Foley, HHH, HBK etc etc etc. But in terms of breakout talent Dwayne stands alone and considering how dreadful his early days were who could have predicted it? He was a real one off who completely exceeded all expectations and the achievements of his relatives who came before him.

And that's the point.

Being related to "The Great One" doesn't mean greatness is in the genes and shouldn't grant a nepotistic push. Do WWE fail to understand that? Lets look at the evidence.

Reigns - the best hope in the family line. Even so the fans obviously and vocally failed to buy into his pre-Mania push. Even now in the Rollins-less title situation is he a standout candidate for the gold? You'd have to say no.

Usos - what am I missing? Fast-forward fodder with more charisma in cameos on Total Divas than every moment combined in a WWE ring.

Tamina - poor in all aspects.

Nia - the latest family member who had the most anti-climactic debut in recent years and is awfully exposed amongst the strength of the NXT Diva division. On a par with Eva Marie in the ring.

Sometimes the apples fall far from the tree.

Until next ease.

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