Your humble host

Your humble host
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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Cero Miedo

I'll keep this brief.

Since May 20th life has thrown me a couple of challenges. This isn't about self pity or the need for sympathy. This is about the genuine power of pro-wrestling.

Obviously my wonderful family and true friends are the real rocks and they matter the most.

But whether it be in a hospital bed or recovering at home I've genuinely found distraction, happiness and absorption in the sport we all love.
I know more about pro-wrestling than anything else on this planet and recently asked my wife what good it has done me?
I'll leave this with her paraphrased view.
"It's for you, it's your time and it brings you pleasure. You'll never need that knowledge professionally  and that's why it really matters".
Fact is she loves it as much as me which really matters!

I'm on a road to recovery but everyday - wrestling makes it better.

Until the next time - at ease.

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